Borough of Sussex
NJDOT Transportation Alternatives Set-Aside Program (TAP): $644,000.00

Through the NJDOT Transportation Alternatives Set-aside Program (TAP), the Borough of Sussex has been awarded $644,000.00 to support the Route 23 South Streetscape project. This highly anticipated project entails installing sidewalks along Route 23 South where none exists today, providing 16 decorative street lamps along the route, adding topsoil and seed, and planting 15 trees to improve the landscaping in the area. Route 23 is undergoing a renaissance. A Shop-Rite shopping center under development in the area will generate increased foot, bicycle, and vehicular traffic.These planned improvements through the Streetscape project will make the route safer and more inviting.

Township of Mahwah
NJDOT Local Transportation Projects Funds (LTPF): $76,500.00

Through the NJDOT Local Transportation Projects Funds, the Township of Mahwah has been awarded $76,500.00 to implement Pedestrian Safety Improvements along East Ramapo Avenue. The road’s poor sightlines impact pedestrians journeying to and from Winter’s Park, Veteran’s Park, Commodore Perry Fields, and Mahwah Train Station, among others. This project focuses on increasing awareness of the crosswalks along the street by installing pedestrian flashing beacon systems at the intersection of East Ramapo Avenue and South Railroad Avenue, and at the westbound crossing at the intersection of East Ramapo Avenue and Scherer Place. Advance systems will be installed a complaint distance both East and West of the subject locations and will be connected to the previously mentioned systems via wireless radio transmitters. Additionally, “PED” and “X-ING” word pavement symbols adjacent to the advance beacon assemblies will be installed along with a high-friction surface treatment within each crosswalk. The completion of this project will create a safer route for pedestrians to use in such an integral location.

Township of Berkeley – Bayville Fire Company
Staffing for Adequate Fire & Rescue Response (SAFER): $39,930.00

Berkeley Township’s Bayville Fire Company has been awarded $39,930.00 to enhance Recruitment and Retention through the US Department of Homeland Security and FEMA Staffing for Adequate Fire and Rescue Response (SAFER). The Bayville Fire Company has provided quality and efficient rescue services to Berkeley citizens, as well as the overall region. In an effort to bolster their ranks they have been awarded funds to purchase an LED sign and turnout gear for new members. The sign will extend the reach of the department’s marketing plan, while the new turnout gear will allow them to better provide for incoming members. The recruitment of new firefighters is vital for public safety and the wellbeing of all first responders.

Borough of North Arlington
NJDOT Transportation Alternatives Set-Aside Program (TAP): $949,000.00

Through the NJDOT Transportation Alternatives Set-aside Program (TAP), the Borough of North Arlington has been awarded $949,000.00 to support Phase III of its Ridge Road Streetscape. This highly anticipated project will consist of resurfacing the sidewalk along Ridge Road, which is part of NJ-17, as well as adding bike lanes on both sides of the road, curb extensions, and brick paver streetscapes with tree beds in between the sidewalks and areas designated for street parking. Ridge Road runs through the heart of North Arlington and serves as its main economic corridor, hosting a variety of businesses, restaurants, residential buildings, public transportation stops, schools, municipal buildings, and the Holy Cross Cemetery and Mausoleum. Completing this project will provide alternative means of transportation for residents and the visitors of North Arlington through the addition of bike lanes and safer, resurfaced sidewalks while encouraging public transportation as the bike lanes will intersect with these stops. BAI is so excited to have assisted in the acquisition of these funds as the provision of alternative means of transportation will also serve the function of reducing motor-vehicle traffic.

Bergen County Sheriff’s Office
Automated License Plate Recognition Grant (ALPR): $400,368.00

The Bergen County Sheriff’s Office was recently selected to receive $400,368.00 through the New Jersey Office of the Attorney General – Automated License Plate Reader Technology Program. This highly competitive program was open to every law enforcement agency in the state of New Jersey, as part of a large initiative to further enhance the reduction of vehicle thefts within the state. Bergen County Sheriff’s Office will utilize funding to strategically place ALPRs at specific zones throughout the county. Intelligence gathered will then be shared through the Regional Operations Intelligence Center and Real Time Crime Centers to be utilized as needed for investigations and operations to further support safety across roadways in the state of New Jersey.

Bergen County Sheriff’s Office
Gunshot Detection Technology: $336,500.00

The Bergen County Sheriff’s Office has been awarded $336,500 through the New Jersey Office of the Attorney General – Gunshot Detection Technology Initiative. This highly competitive program, open to every law enforcement agency in the state of New Jersey, will provide funding for the purchase of specific technology that enhances current successful policing strategies to allow law enforcement and first responders to respond more quickly to shooting events. For the specific project, the BCSO will utilize ShotSpotter Technology to aid in reducing gun related violence in the City of Englewood and to minimize the overall level of crime within the city. This program helps support the Department of Law and Public Safety and its overall goal to combat gun violence in New Jersey.

Borough of Carlstadt
NJDOT Local Freight Impact Fund Grant: $730,000,00

Through the NJDOT Local Freight Impact Fund (LFIF), the Borough of Carlstadt has been awarded $730,000.00 to support the road resurfacing of 16th Street. Known for its thriving industrial and commercial landscape, 16th Street is located in the heart of the New Jersey Sports and Exposition Authority (NJSEA) Hackensack Meadowlands District. Major state and interstate highways traverse this region, including the NJ Turnpike (I-95), Route 495, Route 3, Route 17, Route 46, Route 120, and Routes 1 and 9. Positioned within the nation’s largest metropolitan market region, the district offers a prime location for trucking services and associated land uses. That being said, the serious truck volume has been known to take its toll on these roadways. At BAI, we are thrilled for the Borough of Carlstadt as they are one of only 13 municipalities across the state that received an award this year. Now, the borough can address roadway concerns to ultimately increase public safety.

Borough of Wallington
Automated License Plate Recognition Grant (ALPR): $86,400.00

The Borough of Wallington has been awarded $86,400.00 through the New Jersey Office of the Attorney General – Automated License Plate Reader Initiative. This highly competitive program, open to every law enforcement agency in the state of New Jersey, will provide funding to acquire and expand existing Automated License Plate Recognition (ALPR) technology systems that utilize high-speed, automated camera networks to capture and store computer-readable images of license plates in a centralized database accessible to law enforcement. This information assists law enforcement in identifying, locating, and recovering stolen vehicles; interrupting auto theft networks; and apprehending individuals involved in vehicle theft and other violent crimes. The Wallington Police Department will utilize 8 Packetalk Automated License Plate Reader systems to increase their range of security and surveillance, thereby reducing the rate of auto theft and violent crimes, while also promoting safe driving practices and reducing the presence of impaired drivers on roadways.

Mercer County
NJDOL Job Opportunities for Building Success (JOBS) Program: $947,100.00

Mercer County has been awarded $947,100.00 from the New Jersey Department of Labor’s Job Opportunities for Building Success (JOBS) grant program to place justice-involved individuals reentering the workforce in job training, internships, and unsubsidized employment. The undertaking will service the Central-New Jersey region, including Mercer, Middlesex, Monmouth, Union, Ocean, Hunterdon, Somerset, and Hunterdon counties through a peer-to-peer model and partnerships with One Stop Career Centers and local service providers. Through this grant, Mercer County will provide training opportunities, supportive services such as childcare, clothing, and ID obtainment, as well as employment for over 200 justice involved individuals referred from probation and other programs.

Township of Hillsborough
NJDEP Lake Management Grant: $246,000.00

Through the NJDEP Lake Management Grant, the Township of Hillsborough has been awarded $246,000.00 for Fox Chase Pond Green Infrastructure Implementation. The goals of this project are to reduce pollutants in Fox Chase Pond, stabilize the pond’s eroding shoreline by restoring a vegetative buffer, and to educate the public on the importance of stormwater management and green infrastructure. The Township of Hillsborough has consistently maintained a strong environmental conscience, and this grant award will propel them further in earning 2023 Sustainable Jersey titles.

City of Pleasantville
NJDOL Pathways to Recovery Program: $500,000.00

The City of Pleasantville has been awarded $500,000 through the New Jersey Department of Labor’s Pathways to Recovery Grant Program, which will fund the City’s initiative to place opioid-impacted individuals in workforce training and non-subsidized employment programs. Pleasantville will utilize these funds to connect its opioid-impacted population with integrative care, transportation, supportive services, and career development alongside a pre-established network of local service providers and employers. The NJDOL Pathways to Recovery Program awards competitive grants to communities investing in long-term, holistic resilience and economic development programs for New Jersey’s most vulnerable residents.

Borough of Saddle River
Firehouse Subs Public Safety Foundation: $22,072.00

Bruno Associates Inc. secured $22,072 in grant funding for the Borough of Saddle River’s Fire Department through the Firehouse Subs Public Safety Foundation. The borough aims to provide direct assistance to first responders to increase their capabilities and positively impact the community and its safety. Saddle River intends to use their awarded funding to invest in new self-contained breathing apparatuses, which are foundational tools that provide the greatest amount of airway protection for firefighters. With implementation of the new equipment Saddle River is assured they will be able to send out sufficient aid to fire scenes resulting in increased protection of the community.

Borough of Emerson
Firehouse Subs Public Safety Foundation: $24,783.40

With the efforts of Bruno Associates Inc. the Borough of Emerson was able to secure $24,783.40 in grant funding through the Firehouse Subs Public Safety Foundation. The borough intends to use the awarded grants to purchase equipment designed to save civilians from car fires and wrecks. Emerson will obtain Hurst Cutters, Combi-Tools, Chain Packages, and accessories all intended to assist first responders in cutting, lifting, and spreading breached doors with ease. With the addition of these devices not only will the community gain a greater peace of mind but the local firefighters will be capable of rescuing more lives.

Borough of Park Ridge
Community Energy Plan: $10,000.00

Bruno Associates Inc. secured $10,000 in grant funding for the Borough of Park Ridge’s Community Energy Plan through the New Jersey Board of Public Utilities. Park Ridge intends to use the awarded grant money to reach its goal of using 100% clean energy by the year 2050, and to reduce greenhouse gas emissions throughout the community. Specifically, the municipality intends to train first responders on electric vehicles, install public electric vehicle charging infrastructures, improve municipal fleets, and install on-site municipal renewable generation. This funding will allow Park Ridge to expand sustainable energy production throughout the municipality, ensuring a better future for the community and its people.

City of Clifton
Safe Routes to School Program: $568,000.00

Through the efforts of Bruno Associates Inc. the City of Clifton was able to secure $568,000 in grant funding from the New Jersey Department of Transportation’s “Safe Routes to School” Program. Clifton will use this funding to make sidewalk improvements, lay sufficient crosswalk striping, and make walking and biking paths much more safe and accessible for children throughout the City. A focal point of the awarded application was the pedestrian tunnel underneath Route 46, which connects children to and from the Christopher Columbus Middle School campus. This funding will allow Clifton to remedy lighting and safety issues currently observed within this tunnel. Overall, these improvements will encourage students to walk to and from school while promoting healthier lifestyles.

City of Pleasantville
Safe Routes to School Program: $1,900,000.00

Bruno Associates Inc. secured a $1.9 million grant for the City of Pleasantville from the NJ Department of Transportation’s “Safe Routes to School” Program. $1.9 million is the largest amount a municipality has ever been awarded through the Safe Routes to School Program since its inception in 2005. This successful application focused on making the routes around North Main Street School, Leeds Avenue Elementary School and Washington Avenue Elementary School safer for students to walk and bike to and from school. Pleasantville looks forward to putting this substantial funding to use by bettering its community’s infrastructure and ensuring its youth are safe and participating in active forms of transportation.

Town of West New York
Safe Routes to School Program: $1,300,000.00

Bruno Associates Inc. helped the Town of West New York acquire a $1.3 million grant award from the New Jersey Department of Transportation’s “Safe Routes to School” program. This significant award will enable West New York to make much needed upgrades to an extensive network of outdated pedestrian signals along school routes to Public School #2, Public School #5 and West New York Middle School. The replacement of these antiquated pedestrian signals will enhance driver awareness and provide a safer environment for students to walk to and from school. By creating safer routes to school, West New York anticipates an increase in more active forms of transportation, less reliance on motor vehicle travel, and an overall reduction in air pollution.

Berkeley Township
COPS Hiring Program: $1,250,000.00

The Berkeley Township Police Department was awarded a FY20 COPS Hiring grant totaling $1,250,000 which will allow the department to hire ten (10) new police officers. “The Township police department’s sworn force has dwindled in recent years, coupled with upcoming retirements, a growing population and the opioid epidemic which has hit Ocean County hard, this funding couldn’t come at a better time.,” said Mayor Carmen Amato. “The Department of Justice is committed to providing the police chiefs and sheriffs of our great nation with needed resources, tools, and support. The funding announced today will bolster their ranks and contribute to expanding community policing efforts nationwide,” said Attorney General William P. Barr. The COPS Hiring Program is a competitive award program intended to reduce crime and advance public safety through community policing by providing direct funding for the hiring of career law enforcement officers. In a changing economic climate, CHP funding helps law enforcement agencies maintain sufficient sworn personnel levels to promote safe communities. The substantial award secured by BAI will offset the salary of the prospective new officers over a three-year period, with the Township fully absorbing costs starting on the fourth year. These new officers will specifically bolster the Berkeley Police Department’s community policing efforts and will also focus on combating effects of the Opioid Epidemic. The new officers are expected to be hired by the Township and integrated into BPD over the next two years.

Berkeley Township
Assistance to Firefighters Grant: $260,996.35

The Tri-Boro First Aid Squad is a proud recipient of $260,997.35 awarded through FEMA’s Assistance to Firefighter’s Grant Program (AFG), which provides an annual competitive grant opportunity to first responders—fire departments and first-aid organizations nationwide—to obtain funds needed for lifesaving equipment or emergency-response vehicles. The TBFAS will be purchasing a new ambulance as well as Toughbooks, Laerdal Suction Units, Automatic Chest Compression Systems and external power supplies to fully equip the new rig. With the non-federal matching funds of $26,099.73, a total of $287,097.08 will be used to support the equipment needs of the TBFAS. This grant was part of $315,000,000 in available funding recently awarded under FEMA’s 2019 Assistance to Firefighters Grants (AFG) program across the nation. The award comes just weeks after the TBFAS was notified of another FEMA grant of nearly $5,000 awarded towards the cost of PPE surrounding COVID-19 response and preparation.

Borough of Sayreville
COPS Hiring Program: $1,000,000.00

Through the borough’s new grant writing team at BAI, the Sayreville Police Department was awarded the grant totaling $1,000,000 which will allow the department to hire eight (8) new police officers. “The Borough’s sworn strength has recently fallen below the threshold needed, and with a swath of upcoming retirements, this funding couldn’t come at a better time”, said Borough Administrator Dan Frankel. The COPS Hiring Program is a competitive award program intended to reduce crime and advance public safety through community policing by providing direct funding for the hiring of career law enforcement officers. In addition to providing financial support for hiring, CHP provides funding to state, local, and tribal law enforcement to enhance local community policing strategies and tactics. In a changing economic climate, CHP funding helps law enforcement agencies maintain sufficient sworn personnel levels to promote safe communities. These new officers will specifically bolster the Sayreville Police Department’s community policing efforts and will also assist operations aimed at protecting the Borough’s critical infrastructure. The new officers are expected to be hired by the Borough and integrated into SPD over the next two years.

Borough of Rutherford
FY20 Transit Village: $210,000.00

The Borough of Rutherford is one of 33 communities designated as a “Transit Village” within the State of New Jersey. As the last eastbound stop along the Bergen County Line before Secaucus Junction, Rutherford’s Station Square serves as an important local transit hub used by residents and visitors daily. Rutherford expressed a number of improvements it wanted to make to its Station Square area to make it more pedestrian friendly and improve the first/last mile experience for commuters utilizing its transit options. BAI helped the borough secure $210,000 in Transit Village funding to make the following improvements to its downtown transit area: increased covered bike parking, beautification and enhanced lighting of the route from vehicle/bike parking to bus and train station, installation of wayfinding signage/local shuttle bus signage and informational kiosks. The kiosks will feature well-lit infographics illustrating maps of the downtown area with key points of interest and local shuttle/NJ Transit bus and train schedules. This project will creatively and intuitively integrate Rutherford’s multi-modal transit options into its surrounding community and economy.

Township of Weehawken
Transportation Alternatives Set-Aside Program: $1,200,000.00

Along Weehawken’s magnificent waterfront is a string of recreation campuses, residential buildings, transit facilities and economic centers. Connecting each of these destinations is the Hudson River Waterfront Walkway. The state has planned this walkway to exist in a continuous path from Bayonne to the George Washington Bridge. Once complete there will be a continuous regional path spanning 18.5 miles, through 2 counties & 9 municipalities. Weehawken sought funding to construct a pedestrian bridge across a 150-foot canal basin which currently separates Weehawken’s northern recreational campus from its southern commerce and transit district. This canal basin has posed a dangerous impediment for pedestrians and bicyclists, forcing them to navigate the busy Port Imperial and Harbor Boulevards to reach their desired destination. BAI successfully procured $1,200,000 in federal funding for Weehawken from the New Jersey Transportation Alternatives Set-Aside Program which is derived from the Federal Highway Administration. This pedestrian bridge will expand regional connectivity along the Hudson River Waterfront Walkway, promote public access and circulation opportunities along this scenic path, encourage active transportation, the use of mass transit, and enhance the first/last-mile experience for commuters along the County’s waterfront. This project is also a substantial step forward in the County’s vision of increasing bike connectivity and safe multimodal transportation throughout north Hudson and will improve access to employment centers, affordable transit, recreation, stimulate economic growth and reduce reliance on motor vehicles.

City of Clifton
FEMA Assistance to Firefighters COVID-19 Supplemental: $100,235.26

In response to the COVID-19 pandemic, FEMA made available a supplemental AFG program for fire departments to enhance their ability to protect the health and safety of the public, as well as that of first-responder personnel through the purchase of personal protective equipment (PPE) and related essential supplies. BAI assisted the Clifton Fire Department to secure much needed funding to prepare for and respond to the COVID-19 pandemic city-wide. The award will enable the Clifton Fire Department to procure PPE to protect its members and the public. The approved PPE included respirators, protective coveralls, type face masks, as well as various germicidal cleaning supplies and equipment.

Borough of Emerson
Transportation Alternatives Set-Aside Program: $780,000.00

BAI helped the Borough of Emerson secure $780,000 in New Jersey Transportation Alternatives Set-Aside funding for streetscape and pedestrian improvements along Kinderkamack Road. Kinderkamack Road is a major north-south County Transportation Gateway, connecting Hackensack with the Pascack Valley and New York. Traffic volumes exceed 40,000 vehicles per day, many of which are from out of State. Kinderkamack Road is part of County Route 503 which begins at NJ120 in the Meadowlands in Carlstadt and travels north for 18 miles terminating at the NY State line and becoming NY304. The route is designated an Urban Principal Arterial and part of the National Highway System. This award will help the Borough augment significant redevelopment initiatives already underway in its Central Business District within the area of its train station. Pedestrian safety will be enhanced through more clearly delineated crosswalks, reconstruction of non-compliant curbs and sidewalks, and enhanced street lighting. While economic development and downtown aesthetics will be improved through enhanced street lighting, construction of brick pavers, addition of street furniture, trash receptacles, and wayfinding signage.

Chelmsford Fire Department
Assistance to Firefighters Grant: $213,491.07

After not having received an AFG award in over a decade, Chelmsford Fire Department turned to BAI to help them secure grant funding to replace their outdated portable and mobile radios. BAI first provided technical assistance to mobilize the department to apply for AFG within FEMA’s online application system and then successfully applied for the funding this career department so desperately sought. Chelmsford is a northern Massachusetts community of approximately 35,000 residents, located roughly 25 miles northwest of Boston.

Township of Berkeley
2019 Preserve NJ Historic Preservation Fund: $656,537.00

The Township of Berkeley was awarded a substantial grant from the New Jersey Historic Trust through the Preserve NJ Historic Preservation Fund, Capital Level I & II in the amount of $656,537.00. The grant funds have gone towards the Township’s efforts to restore the Historic Manitou Park School House. The Historic Manitou Park School House had fallen into a severe state of disrepair—leaving Berkeley only two options—condemn the structure or restore the site. Without internal financial capacity to do the latter, the township reached out to BAI to assist with a grant application to the New Jersey Historic Trust, in an effort to save the historic schoolhouse. The Manitou Park Schoolhouse stands as a significant piece of history within the township, serving as a reminder of segregation and the civil rights movement local to Ocean County.

Borough of Park Ridge
FEMA Staffing for Adequate Fire & Emergency Response: $10,200.00

Like many other volunteer fire companies in New Jersey, the Park Ridge Volunteer Fire Department faces difficulties in attracting new volunteers. In addition to this challenge, comes the obstacle faced by small departments serving a smaller population—the need to stand out among larger applicants. BAI worked with the Park Ridge Volunteer Fire Department to secure a $10,200 FEMA SAFER (Staffing for Adequate Fire & Emergency Response) grant which would provide Fire Officer 1 training for 6 of its current volunteer members. The grant award covered training classes as well as minimum wage payments to newly recruited members.

Paterson Board of Education
Category 4 Violence Prevention Specialists: $250,000.00
Category 7 Anonymous Reporting System: $250,000.00

With 28,226 students, the Paterson Public School District is the 3rd largest district in the state. According to the New Jersey Department of Education’s Student Safety Data System, Paterson Public Schools have had more reported incidents of violence, vandalism, weapons, substance abuse, harassment, intimidation, and bullying than any other district in the state over the past three school years. To help reverse these trends, BAI worked with the Board to secure a total of $500,000 from two separate categories of funding through the USDOJ’s Technology and Threat Assessment Solutions for Safer Schools Program. The first award empowered the district to hire a multidisciplinary team of Violence Prevention Specialists to rotate and assess Paterson’s most violent high schools. The team would then produce comprehensive threat assessment processes and risk assessments tailored to each school. Those deliverables would then become replicable blueprints which if successful in its most violent schools, could serve as models for the entire district. The second award provides the district the financial capacity to implement an Anonymous Reporting System (ARS) which includes training of its use to administrators, teachers, students, and parents. Also included is a comprehensive marketing plan tailored to all schools and the student population. The ARS provides a safe avenue for students who are intimidated into silence to report incidents before they manifest into something catastrophic. Prior to these awards the district did not have the financial capacity to implement a system to give those students a voice.

Borough of Sussex
NJDOT Local Aid Infrastructure Fund: $250,000.00

Following continued complaints from local property and business owners along Main Street, Fountain Square, and Newton Avenue, the Borough of Sussex reached out to BAI to conceive a sidewalk replacement project along the main roadways in the Borough’s business district. BAI obtained a $250,000 NJDOT Local Aid Infrastructure award for the Borough to address the condition of the deteriorating brick paver sidewalks in the project area.

Town of West New York
Summer Food Service Program: $796,715.00

BAI helped the Town of West New York secure $796,715 in funding from the NJ Department of Agriculture’s Summer Food Service Program. This funding enabled the Town’s Recreation Department to provide lunches and dinners for children who attend its Summer Camp program free of charge. BAI consulted the Town throughout the application process and provided technical assistance in order to navigate the agency’s online portal.

Town of West New York
Green Acres, Port Imperial Pedestrian Connection: $514,500.00

BAI successfully procured $514,500 in grant funding from the NJ Department of Environmental Protection Agency’s Green Acres Program to address a project which has long been a priority for the Town of West New York. The “Port Imperial Pedestrian Connection” is a long winding staircase which traverses the face of the Palisades cliffs and connects the upland part of town to West New York’s newly developed waterfront. This award addressed ADA compliance and security concerns, by allowing the Town to reconstruct the staircase, install lighting and railings, as well as viewing platforms where residents could catch a glimpse of the New York City skyline and Hudson River. Due to West New York’s designation as an Urban Aid municipality, it received 75% of the proposal’s total cost. The remaining 25% can be funded via a 0% interest loan (payable over twenty years).

Township of Weehawken
Green Acres Stewardship, Shoreline Enhancement: $406,222.21

To secure investments it was making for residents along its waterfront, Weehawken sought grant funding to help stabilize and defend its shoreline. BAI recommended applying for a new NJDEP program in tandem with its submission for park development funding. BAI procured $406,222.21 to help the Township fortify its shoreline with sheet piling and rip-rap. These features will help preserve the waterfront property from storm surge and erosion.

Township of Lyndhurst
Staffing for Adequate Fire and Emergency Response: $67,400.00

To address staffing shortfalls within its volunteer fire department, Lyndhurst sought grant funding to revamp its recruitment and retention efforts through FEMA’s SAFER program. BAI successfully acquired $67,400 over 4 years to bolster Lyndhurst’s ability to recruit new volunteers through a multifaceted print and media marketing campaign, which also includes funds to pay for a part-time Recruitment and Retention Coordinator. Additionally, this grant award covers the cost of NFPA compliant entry-level physicals and brand-new PPE for each new member who joins during the lifespan of the grant.

Township of Weehawken
Local Aid Infrastructure Fund: $400,000.00

Following a severe May rainstorm, Weehawken contacted BAI with an urgent need to secure funding to address damages experienced along the Palisades Cliffs. The drainage lines which extend through the face of the cliffs had ruptured and caused a portion of the retaining wall to collapse. This was classified as a significant and immediate danger to the health, safety, and welfare of the public. Township officials agreed this situation be declared an emergency and an emergency contractor be engaged pursuant to the provisions for emergency contracts in the Local Public Contracts Law N.J.S.A. 40A:11-6. The work to ameliorate these damages had to be done swiftly so that further collapse did not jeopardize the public, as well as other public transportation assets. BAI recommended and successfully procured $400,000 from the State’s Local Aid Infrastructure Fund to help the Township recover some of the money it expended to address this urgent matter.

Paterson Board of Education
A School- Based Healthcare Foundation (SBHSN)- COVID-19 Student Support Recovery Grant Program: $250,000.00

This grant helps school districts receive School-Based Telehealth program services. Telehealth is the distribution of health-related services and information via electronic information and telecommunication technologies. The purpose of this grant is to promote a collaborative and integrated approach amongst the education and healthcare community to ensure students succeed academically, socially, and emotionally while confined to home learning mandates during the pandemic. Funding helps to staff licensed mental health professionals to coordinate behavioral health services utilizing Telehealth technology and academic coordination activities with school administration in collaboration with school district designated program personnel. The grant allows long-distance patient and clinician contact, care, advice, reminders, education, intervention, monitoring, and remote admissions.

Chelmsford Fire Department
AFG-S: $42,169.38

In response to the COVID-19 pandemic, FEMA made available a supplemental AFG program for fire departments to enhance their ability to protect the health and safety of the public, as well as that of first-responder personnel through the purchase of personal protective equipment (PPE) and related essential supplies. After a strong working relationship was developed in the submission of its traditional AFG application, Chelmsford FD retained BAI once again to help them secure funding during such an unprecedented time. BAI wrote another winning proposal on behalf of Chelmsford FD, enabling it to procure PPE to protect its members and the public. The approved PPE included: 1,500 respirators, 48 protective coveralls, 1,500 footwear covers, 2,600 surgical type face masks, 1,250 isolations gowns and misters/cleaning supplies.

Township of Weehawken
Green Acres, Hudson River Multi-Use Pavilion: $1,000,000.00

Weehawken’s waterfront along the Hudson River’s Gold Coast is a crown jewel, featuring spectacular world-class views of mid-town Manhattan. The Township sought BAI’s expertise to secure state funding to transition undeveloped waterfront parcels into a dynamic recreational campus featuring a multi-use ice rink, a Great Lawn, basketball and tennis courts, and ultimately a pool. BAI secured $1,000,000 in Green Acres funding for this project which will very soon become a renowned destination on the Jersey-side of the Hudson River.

Borough of North Arlington
Green Acres, Turf Surface at James Zadroga Field: $268,425.00

James Zadroga Field is one of the most frequently used recreational destinations within the Borough of North Arlington. Given its volume of usage, it was experiencing considerable wear and tear, exorbitant maintenance costs, and at times it was unplayable altogether due to poor conditions. To alleviate these problems, the Borough sought funding to install a synthetic turf surface at James Zadroga Field so it could withstand both weather and usage and meet the demand for youth and adult sports. BAI helped the Borough secure $268,425 in Green Acres funding to install the much-desired turf surface so this campus could be enjoyed more frequently by all.

City of Clifton
Urban Gateway Enhancement Grant: $32,000.00

BAI helped the City of Clifton secure $32,000 through the NJ Department of Transportation’s Urban Gateway Enhancement Program. This program targets youth and young adults between the ages of 16 and 25 who are economically or socially disadvantaged and who have experienced barriers to employment (i.e. lack of HS diploma, homelessness, teen parent, mentally or physically disabled, ex-offender). The funding provided through this grant enabled the City to hire seasonal employees and provide on-the-job training while working on transportation related community projects. The program employees helped clean up litter throughout community parks and alongside roadways, remove graffiti in public places, shrub removal, flower planting, and fence posting upgrades. It also afforded the City the ability to purchase the equipment and supplies needed to carry out these projects.

Borough of Sussex
USDA Rural Development: $1,018,800.00

When faced with a severe turbidity issue, the Borough of Sussex turned to BAI with hopes to secure funding for its Lake Rutherford Water Line Installment project. Through the USDA Rural Development grant program, the Borough was awarded $900,000.00 enabling the completion of the project.

Paterson Board of Education
Full-Service Community Schools Grant Program (John F. Kennedy High School and PS 2): $2,500,000.00

Full-Service Community Schools are schools in which nonprofits and schools team up to meet a variety of children’s social, emotional, and academic needs. Using the school building as the center to create and serve, nonprofits are able to ensure that every student is prepared and ready to learn and be equipped with the skills and knowledge they need to be successful through their school years.The partnerships, students and families benefit from the services provided with the help of having mental health counselors, bilingual family caseworkers, after-school enrichment, health centers, dental care, nutrition, and counseling both during the school-day and outside of regular classroom hours.This grant helped families and students become the better version of themselves and provided long lasting effects of self-confidence resulting in a better quality of life.

City of Clifton
TD Green Spaces: $20,000.00

BAI assisted the City of Clifton to secure a $20,000 TD Green Spaces grant for a Tree Planting & Community Education in Nash Park. Clifton was one of only ten (10) grant recipients in the U.S., and represented the only award made in the state of New Jersey. BAI also assisted the City with its award-winning grant application to the 2017 TD Green Streets grant program which awarded an additional $20,000 to the City for a robust tree planting effort.

Borough of Ramsey
ANJEC: Open Space Stewardship Grant: $1,450.00

The Ramsey Environmental Commission was a proud recipient of a 2020 Open Space Stewardship Grant presented by the Association of New Jersey Environmental Commissions (ANJEC). After prior year’s failed attempts to garner an ANJEC grant internally, the Ramsey Environmental Commission turned to BAI for assistance. The awarded OSS grant totaling $1,450.00 will be put towards the Ramsey Environmental Commission’s comprehensive trail-revitalization along Ramsey’s Bike Path in partnership with the Ramsey Green Team and local Girl Scout Troops. ANJEC offers annual competitive grants to New Jersey environmental commissions for grants of up to $1,500 each for local open space stewardship projects.

Borough of Sayreville
NJOAG Safe and Secure Communities Grant Program: $60,000.00

The Safe and Secure Communities Program, enacted into law in 1993, is designed to provide municipalities with funding to add law enforcement personnel vital to effective police operations and other crime related strategies as warranted by the needs of the community. The state program led by the New Jersey Division of Criminal Justice allows for the funding of additional officers or funding of law enforcement support personnel which would free-up officers for direct law enforcement activities. Currently, there are approximately 160 municipalities receiving funds for 345 officers and 13 non-police support staff. BAI assisted the Sayreville Police Department in successfully completing its annual grant application to the program which provides the Borough with $60,000.00 to help offset the salaries of two (2) officers.

Township of Berkeley
NJDEP Green Acres: $135,872.00

Bruno Associates, Inc. assisted its long-term client, Berkeley Township secure $135,872.00 in NJDEP Green Acres Funding for the Township’s Main Street Boat Ramp and Recreation Enhancements project. The Township of Berkeley utilized the Green Acres funding to transform the property located at east end of Main Street for the benefit of creating a recreation park and boat ramp along the Barnegat Bay. This new waterfront recreational facility would serve as a popular attraction among residents and satisfy the influx of tourism Berkeley experiences during the summer months.

City of Clifton
NJDOT Municipal Aid: $609,128.00

BAI collaborated with Clifton city engineers and city officials to garner $609,128.00 in NJDOT FY20 Municipal Aid funds for the City’s Brighton Road and Phyllis Place project. Through comprehensive experience with NJDOT programs and grants in addition to strong working relationships with engineer firms across New Jersey, BAI works to secure funding for various infrastructure initiatives for its clients.

Borough of Park Ridge
NJDEP NJUCF Stewardship Grant Program: $6,500.00

In an effort to enhance its resiliency planning, the Borough of Park Ridge had expressed to BAI its goal to complete a comprehensive, computerized tree inventory throughout the borough. In order for the Borough’s complete community forest to be effectively maintained and improved, a more comprehensive understanding was required, in addition to funding. Through a strong working relationship developed with Park Ridge officials including the Park Ridge Shade Tree Commission, BAI was able to secure a $6,500 grant award through the NJUCF Stewardship Grant Program for the borough to move forward with its proposed tree inventory.

Borough of Bogota
NJFS Community Stewardship Incentive Program: $30,000.00

As part and parcel of the Borough of Bogota’s robust Community Forestry Management Plan, the Borough requested assistance with a prospective tree planting initiative: Gateway Street Tree Planting Project/Olsen Park. BAI assisted Bogota complete a Community Stewardship Incentive Program through the New Jersey Forest Service, securing a $30,000 grant award which would provide the funds for the Borough to plant over 300 trees over a three-year period.

City of Clifton
NJDEP Green Acres: $1,000,000.00

When faced with a gap in finances surrounding the City of Clifton’s expansive redevelopment plan for Athenia Steel Recreation Complex/Park, BAI stepped in to assist the City with an application to the NJDEP Green Acres program. BAI was able to obtain a $1,000,000 grant award from the NJDEP which helped the City install multiple turf fields, a parking lot, and various other improvements at Athenia Park.

Borough of Sussex
NJDCA Small Cities CDBG: $400,000.00

Following severe flooding caused by Hurricane Irene, the Sussex Borough Water Distribution System was in need of various improvements to rectify isolated pipes and other issues impacting water distribution. BAI moved quickly to submit an application to the NJDCA Small Cities Community Development Block Grant (CDBG), securing $400,000 for the Borough to complete the project.

Borough of Ramsey
Firehouse Subs Public Safety Foundation: $16,021.61

With the 2% municipal tax cap still in effect across New Jersey, first responding agencies across the state still struggle to find funds to purchase new equipment, pay for advanced training, and upgrade antiquated or unsafe PPE. After discussing the most urgent life-saving equipment needs of the Ramsey Fire Department, BAI got to work on pursuing a grant through the Firehouse Subs Public Safety Foundation. BAI was able to win the Ramsey Fire Department a $16,021.61 award through the foundation, which would support the RFD’s purchase of an Automated Chest Compression System (CPR) – which would in turn save lives locally.